It’s Seb!

When I was a kid everybody called me Seb but after some years becoming a Flatsome webdesigner it became Seb de la Web.

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It all started with my mom. As a young kid I worked many summers at here advertisement agency. The place where I learned my first skills like: Working with Apple Macintosh, Designing print ads with QuarkExpress, Dealing with clients communication & feedback. 

After high school my creative journey continued on the Graphic Design academy and due to my internship I got introduced to Webdesign,  HTML + CSS. I started my business career directly at 18 and I lost count of how many websites I made for clients or just for fun.

Nowadays I focus on supporting other professionals working with the Flatsome Theme. Creating custom designs for WooCommerce shops, selling pre-made Flatsome designs and recording video tutorials for my YouTube channel. 

Besides all that I also run a 500m2 sustainable E-Commerce Hub. Offering co-working spaces for my clients and managing a warehouse for product storage and daily fulfilment services. 

You can catch me listening to my favorite music on Spotify, posting my designs on Pinterest, and collection inspiration on Awwwards.

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